Goodbye Iceland.

It’s a shame, really, but I’m moving my blog back to WordPress with all its adverts because I don’t blog enough to justify the cost of my own server and site.

From the end of the month I will be solely blogging at

I’ve liked having my site in Iceland it seems to fit in with my idea of how the world should be run. I have a romantic worldview.

Anyway… hope to see you at WordPress…





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New box built.

My latest piece of woodwork, a box with hidden compartments.

It’s mainly American white oak with English yew bands and a bit of Sumach decoration. The pins are all walnut. It’s loosely based on a Japanese toolbox and old ammo boxes.

It’s made for Birk my grandson [who took the photo].

The varnish has specks of luminescent stuff that show up after dark.

The Yew was photoed in my last post and will make up the bulk of my next side table which I have started on, I just have to finish a new knife for my other grandson and then I’ll be free to concentrate on some proper furniture making.

Too hot to stay in the workshop this week, but hopefully I’ll get something done before Wimbledon….

We’ll see…

More later



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Side table in oak with holly and ebony inlay

I have been working on this table for quite a while now and finally, after ages getting the legs “just right”, I got around the doing the inlay I had been planning over the Christmas period.

Because it’s all done by hand the inlay was quite thick. I had cut up a very ugly African mask I bought at a boot-fair into strips about 5-7 mm thick. The holly was from a tree I cut down locally. (The holly stains quite quickly so you have to dry it fast) …

Anyway it all turned out quite well, the only slight problem being the ebony which tended to colour the glue I used on the holly making the glue look brown. The joints are all pretty good though so it’s not very noticeable.

I’ve just got hold of a couple of old logs of Yew for my next project and I’ve made a start on them too…

All good here though, apart from the cold…


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A difficult thing…

Making geometrical objects by hand is always difficult. The eye is a very accurate organ and we can always detect when things are a little “wonky”. All handmade objects are a little wonky and that’s what makes them pleasing to the eye.

Well, my mirror takes wonkiness to a new level, but I’ve come to terms with it and realise I would have had to use some machines (e.g. router) to make it more geometrically perfect (or more skill and time).

I started off with some sweet cherry from a tree I had felled in a clients garden…

I needed 8 pieces of wood and they had to be very well joined and pegged as a very thin structure would have to support a heavy old mirror. The mirror was given to me, it came from the door of a wardrobe and it had “excelsior 12 10 1903” marked on the back. It has a few “shades’ internally, like old mirrors do, but not bad at all.

I painted it with a pearlescent paint over a pale turquoise base and varnished it with a burnt umber glaze.

I used two vertical aluminium strips, 3 x 12 mm, to link the top and bottom rail at the back so the weight would be distributed evenly (otherwise I would have had to hang it vertically).

So, it’s gone into the spare room which is the darkest room in the house and I’m fairly happy with it.

I’m currently working on an inlaid side table (end table) in oak with walnut or ebony inlay …. I haven’t quite decided yet. Both the walnut and ebony are reclaimed, the oak is from the big tree that has supplied all my previous oak pieces.

More later…



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A simple thing

A small tray/ plate, just about a foot across, carved from a piece of tiger oak.

I saw a few online that were made by a a japanese guy for sushi and I liked the look of them, very basic. His were slightly more regular in shape.

…back to my oval mirror frame…




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New folding knife

I have just finished making a folding knife, my first.

I didn’t make all the bits, I ordered some off the web and put it all together with a bit of enamelling and some woodwork with a thought to selling it…. maybe others too. It was basically a trial run.

Well, it worked out OK I think for a $50 or $60 price tag. Whether or not it would be worth doing more …. I’m not sure.

The wood is from a local oak, a burr [burl], the steel is medium quality and the brass has a few little impurities…. I’ve already got new scales (the wooden bits) for my next one.

…and I’m well into my next project, a little side table … after I’ve finished my oval mirror frame, which is proving to be a very difficult thing to make.

This is for my oak side table… I have got some recycled ebony to inlay into it….This is the design for the top.

trefoil table design 2

Anyway, will post more when the mirror frame is finished..



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Tallboy in oak, finished

Finally finished my corner unit tallboy.

This is it finished, at last..

I did a bit of carving as I said last post and decided to paint it…

The top is inlaid with some plum wood and walnut and the drawers are half made in spalted beech and half in oak. The bases are painted plywood.

I had trouble with the handles, I wanted to make them in metal and I guess I should have done so but I wanted to finish it so I made them from wood. The first set I hated and so I had to remove them and make a new set.. that all took time but I’m fairly happy with the new ones although…. I should probably have gone for metal.

It takes a lot of time to get the drawers sliding in and out smoothly but I got there in the end.

This has been a 5 month project … my next one should be shorter, I’m carving an oval frame for a mirror in cherry.

More later…


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Tallboy, in oak.

It’s a while since I blogged, I’ve been busy this year cutting up large pieces of wood into smaller pieces. It’s a hobby.

I’ve stretched myself this project and am making a tallboy. It has almost 100 pieces of wood and some carving and some inlay work, so it’s going to be a real ‘grown-up’ piece of carpentry.

Some photos….

Firstly, around Christmas I borrowed an electric motor saw to cut my lumps of oak into slabs…


Then I spent the next month cutting these into usable pieces



I did some old school ‘data transfer’…



This is what I plan on making..

chest 4 blank coloured

So, I started gluing it up..



And now I have to start on the drawers. You’ll notice that I haven’t drawn any handles on my sketch, that’s purely because I can’t decide which ones to make.

They’ll be in metal … and I’m going to make them… but … I can’t choose between lizard shaped and plain round forged ones….

I’ll post more photos when I know more myself…


Time will tell…



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Bye bye Facebook… it’s been mediocre.

Well, the FB police got me and told me I’d have to submit some proof of existence before I could continue to post/visit FB.

I did think about it for a while, but not long. That’s no reflection on my FB friends and acquaintances … more my reflection on FB and “social media” as a whole.

I have ‘left’ FB before in as much as it is possible to, but decided to use it for a while until I got stopped, and that was a few years ago. I think it’s taken them 3 or 4 years to catch up with me.

I considered making some ID but wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go down that route and I certainly am not ready to share my RL details with Mark and The Boys … I do have some desire for a bit of privacy. Added to this is the small pleasure I have in not supplying the advertisers with my RL as target.

I can’t really say that FB has enhanced my life at all. I’ve been amused by cats fighting crocs etc and I’ve ‘kept in touch’ with people I would otherwise not have done … but… I could not say that FB has been a rewarding experience in any way. I am happy to let it go as another virtual episode in the life of soror Nishi.

I actually prefer blogging, but FB has made me lazy.

Meanwhile, back on dry land, I’ve been sawing away like a little sawmill in my workshop. I’ve got a good deal of the timber cut, but more to go…. will post photos later when I have something to show.

Hugs to all



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Marketplace … 3 texture sets.

I finally got around to putting some more stuff on Marketplace. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but you know how it is….

Anyway, three sets of textures in Copy/Mod format for those that would like them

and a few headdresses….
and some bonsai…
and a couple more trees.

Now… I’ll try and do more before Christmas… but we’ll see…



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