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I make trees, flowers and landscapes as well as a few other things.

Serial blogger.

My Bio …
Soror Nishi, born into Virtual Worlds on 30th April 2007.

Born in Harajuku, the daughter of a flower seller and her husband a software magnate, she started creating at an early age and quickly turned her attention to the natural environment. Concerned about the diminishing native flora of Second Life she set about planting and nurturing the plants that the Lindens had cleared from the land with an over-grazing of goats and the like.
Her work in preserving “the Ancient Ones” for future generations is well known, and recent discoveries of rare orchids has generated much interest.
She creates all her own sculptured prims, in Blender, and paints all her own textures by hand before enhancing them digitally.
Her principle nursery and shop are no longer on Lifstaen , she has a Garage Sale at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tkachiev/43/221/901 and a full sim-wide shop on InWorldz.

She has shown “flora virtua exotica” at Burning Life, NPIRL Garden of Delights, Orange Island, The Hill, Vision Gallery, le parc des arts, and an extensive refurbishment of Avgi, Isle of Awakening, Phoenicia, Lalalala Gallery, Evolution Gallery, Angelgate, The Vienna Quarter, Formes Nocturnes and Poetik velvets, Raglan Shire, Magoo “The Temple of the Prim“, Pirats, BL08 and 09, Deutche Info Welt, The Companion, Hotel Dare, University of Western Australia (where she still has a small forest), University of Delaware, various SLB, Burn 2 and Virtual Treeline Gallery, her work appearing in a book of the same name.
She has remodelled Skellig Medbh, Clissa, for a private client, built a bunny moon at Companion, worked with Bryn on a piece for Shanghai, and with Rose on a Garden of Eden for Susa Bubble which was shown in Warsaw.
Nordan’s Gallery, Arte Libera and Kelly Yap have also shown her work this year and she built a sim at University of Western Australia which she called Transubstantiation in the summer of 2011….
She is currently also building at Inworldz, where she has her own island called Rainbow Country, soror Nishi Island. She has just completed a new build at Twisted Isle, also in InWorldz which she has called Creative Power. This autumn a film “Vlogger” will be released which has used some of her work

Statement by the artist:
“The extensive attempts some make to populate this new world with “realistic” copies of the Old World show a colonial tendency to ignore the native culture and superimpose a pre-formed visual style on this new medium. This may be due to a fear of the new, or simply a lack of courage, hopefully Time will eradicate this anachronistic tendency.”

Articles on her work can be found through Google…
Some early ones are…   
and here   

and an interview with herself is listed on the web here.

She can be contacted at sorornishi@mac.com


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