Iceland and 1984 Hosting

I recently completed a build called Creative Power as you may know, or have seen….. machinima here.

Implied in the build is the notion that old fossil fuels are a negative contribution to the world when compared to the Power of Creativity.
So… easy to preach but useless unless you are prepared to back up your words with some small contribution towards making a reality of your ideals. We don’t always have the option of doing so.. enter 1984 Hosting….

“1984 commits to a environmentally responsible business practices by utilizing only electricity from renewable energy sources and placing emphasis on reaching the highest possible energy utilization efficiency levels. This is achievable in Iceland, because all electricity production meets the aforementioned criteria and the cold climate makes PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) very high, meaning that for each watt used to run servers, storage and network equipment, proportionally very little is used for cooling, lighting and other overheads.”

Kröflustöð geothermal power station photo by r h

Now as Iceland has a load of power stations running off geothermal and hydroelectric power these have to be some of the greenest servers anyone could use….In fact 100% of Iceland’s electricity is provided by renewable resources

Also… you may have noticed my increasing annoyance at Google+ and the US Government [some of my best friends are American and I know the British Government is a bunch of weak fools…] at their belief that any site ending in .com is actually subject to their Patriot laws… again 1984 Hosting offers an alternative…

“Unwavering loyalty to our customer and their fundamental rights is a core value of the 1984, hence the name to remind us of what can happen if we fall asleep on our watch. We state state, that 1984 as a company and it’s officers will always go the extra mile to protect the customers civil rights, including the freedom of expression, the freedom of the press, the right to anonymity and privacy. 1984 will always do everything within it’s legal power to inform the customer of any inquires of any authorities, lawyers or courts into the customers affairs that the we may become aware of. It is essential that the jurisdiction that the company operates in is Iceland, where the IMMI legislation is forthcoming, making Iceland a haven for freedom of the press and freedom of expression in general.”

So… I signed up with these folks…

I had to use Google translate a bit at the start for some Icelandic translation but the guy who emailed, Mörður Ingólfsson, speaks/emails perfect english.

They installed WordPress for me and I am in the process of getting the pages together and generally making the most of having a website rather than a pure blog. WordPress has a very simple import tool so that wasn’t too difficult …the weird side effect is that all the comments and posts have a ” > ” infront of them. With 2000+ comments and 1000+ posts I won’t be deleting them all I’m afraid… so we’ll just have to live with them. [update… kindly fixed by my hosts..]

There are some refinements which I would like to make but that entails me getting my hands dirty in the code and..well, that will just have to wait.

One new feature you may have noticed….Donate? Now, as volcano juice isn’t free, and neither are the servers I have put in a little Paypal (or credit card) donate button for anyone who feels inspired to help me with the overheads.

One feature you won’t notice unless you have an iPad is the new mobile plugin. I don’t have one so I’d be interested in feedback on that…or, of course, anything else. Load OK? etc….

Well….here goes… published tho still a work in progress.


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20 Responses to Iceland and 1984 Hosting

  1. soror says:

    testing testing

  2. soror says:

    hmm….no avatars shown… drat

  3. Inara Pey says:

    Smart move!

    I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Iceland several times and love the country; even visited the geothermal station at Krafla a couple of times. It’s a stunningly beautiful country.

    You shouldn’t have issues with language: almost all Icelanders are fluent in spoken and written English and they are so incredibly polite and friendly.

    If I get the technical courage to do so, I may follow suit and join you.

  4. soror says:

    Gravatars not working it seems

    @Inara…it wasn’t that difficult…it just took a bit of time.

  5. Congratulations on the new blog..sorry, website!

    At the moment I don’t blog enough to justify the costs, but I’ll be watching to see how it goes… :)

  6. You’re a lot less lazy than me. :) I started to move my blog site to but never quite got it up to date and where I wanted it. Hopefully, I’ll be inspired by your new blog to get it done and get off the Google platform.

  7. Mera says:

    Congratulations!! Its a lot of work with a website though but I think its a better choise for you actually as you are creating stuff. I have (or had, not working on it now) a website irl before (its still online) but i got lazy =))

    good luck!! It will be awesome im sure! xoxoxo

  8. soror says:

    Thanks all for your kind remarks …. and I’m glad to see some of your avatars are showing…still a little work to do…but mostly there.

  9. hehehe Google talks and soror walks :D

    congratulations and very inspiring :)

  10. Nazz Lane says:

    I like the new site Soror … I’ll echo Botgirl’s statement about being inspired and in getting onto my own platform soon.

  11. soror nishi says:

    ah…. seems like my avatar lives on my home computer and not at the other one I’ve been using….

  12. soror nishi says:

    Many thanks to the 1984 hosting company who removed all the > signs…

  13. Never been to Iceland , virtual or otherwise, even though it is my nordic neighbour :(

  14. Aubrie says:

    awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks.

    My blog:
    dsl anbieter

  15. soror says:

    Hi Aubrie,

    I’m sorornishi on Twitter but Facebook I deleted….. along with G+.

  16. chris says:

    I was looking for infor on alternatives to USA hosting. found this post and your blog.

    I have an account with them too just in process of moving my sites too. does the .is domain work well for you ?

  17. soror says:

    Hi Chris, yes, it’s been absolutely fine for me and the guys are helpful if you need any help.
    Both the IMMI and renewable electricity are things I would like to use my money supporting so I feel great about using them.

  18. Chris says:

    I found them to be great hosts plus all the points in this post make it even better for signing up. :)

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