another Ram

Twos company and one is peaceful and quiet, but decided that my poor lonely 1Gb needed another to keep him company, so the nice men at Crucial sent me a system scanner to tell me what I needed and they are sending me one reeeaaallly cheap….
two rams gotta be more fun than one…. :)))

so next week I’ll be investigating the insides of my hardware and doing very technical things….. lol…. not quite my comfort zone, but ..hey! what the hell…..

also, am very pleased that I have another big build to do….:)) so, after Orange there will be Jade, and after Jade there will be another !!! very cool. should burn out the motor on my little Blender…:)) and fill my invent to overflowing…..

but all is quiet on the Island Front pending our glorious leaders decision to muck about with Island pricing…. hmmm.. have commented on that in an earlier blog… dont get me going….

on a more pleasant note, I have a new tree, on show on my beach, and at Brooklyn is Watching, Selavy Oh helped me with the script, as I neeed help, being still a noob in the scripting scene…. its called The Leopardfruit Tree, and may be my best yet….:))

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