Theology and carving

Well, it should have been quite simple… (story of my life)… I thought I’d do a bit of carving on the oak stool, particularly on the bottom rung or stretcher…

What could be easier. After a lot of messing about I thought a nice bit of latin would look good and I chose the phrase which Jung used above his front door.

Vocatus aque non vocatus deus aderit…. called or not called the god is present.. he chose it to mean that the archetype is aways there whether you believe in it or not. I thought I’d change the singular, god, to plural gods, just to underline that this isn’t some Orthodox Christian stool I’m building.

So … vocatus atque non vocatus deorum aderit?? not sure of latin so I tried Google, then Tweeted a distress signal … but no response. No help.

I wanted to get started so I attacked the carving with gusto only to find that I would need a smaller chisel than my 1/4 inch one. The spaces between letters were getting too big. Hmmm … maybe I could use ‘dei’ as plural gods?

This was getting complicated but dei took less space than deorum, so I carried on without a new chisel. After having pondered the problem in bed that night I was horrified to realise that ‘aderit’ is singular too, so it would have to be ‘aderant’ (maybe… this is all guess work) and that is a longer word.

I had horrors of running out of space like they do on dodgy posters and having to cram a few letters on the end.

So… philosophy be damned, I went back to the singular ‘deus’ and decided that a theological compromise was better than buying a new chisel.

I know Jung would have sent a man (or one of his women) out for a new chisel but then he was better paid than me and was probably really boring at parties just hanging around in the kitchen etc.

So … my Orthodox Christian sounding slogan reads “ called or not called the god is present”

…. I just wanted a bit of decoration.

This is it before corrections (that’s what the gods made filler for…)

It’s going to be painted gold with a turquoise background …

more pictures later.


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2 Responses to Theology and carving

  1. Birch Wind says:

    As someone who has been an active part of a variety of theological paths and now more or less ‘pagan’ – to me God represents an active moving force of sorts. God does not always mean ‘a god’ singular, A sentient being, male counterpart to the Goddess, but rather more like Netjer or Source. The One that is expressed in many various manifestations. I do love that latin phrase, and I do indeed love your handi-work. Looks fantastic!

  2. soror says:

    Thank you Birch Wind. Yes, I like ‘The One’ …. it’s nicely non-descriptive.

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