Frame for Virtual Worlds painting.

Yes, I finally got around to framing my Virtual World painting. It’s been hanging around on the kitchen wall for months now and I’ve been promising myself I’d get around to it as soon as the wardrobe was finished. It also needed a good varnishing as it was now old enough.

I found a bit of wood on a client’s bonfire that I knew wasn’t oak or pine so I took it home and cleaned it off, it was caked in crap and a rotten layer of wood. Anyway, it turns out it was birch.

I bought a rabbet plane off eBay a while back specifically for this job so I dusted it off and it did a good job. The corners turned out OK and the frame was more square than the canvas. Quite a difficult job with only hand tools.

The wood was just a little too good to paint over entirely but as I didn’t want a brown frame I had to treat it somehow. I tried using a white tinted cellulose based varnish but it just soaked into the softer bits of wood completely. I was hoping for a slightly opalescent finish…. I didn’t really manage… so plan B was to give it a “cloudy” look.

I used a slightly tinted ordinary varnish on top of the cellulose hoping to give it a hue and show some of the wood. The second coat had a little chrome yellow in it. It’s turned out a bit ‘distressed’ …. I’m not entirely happy with the final effect but it will do until I get bored with it and just paint it one colour.

Still, it’s done and varnished and kitchen-proof now.


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  1. Maeve says:

    Hi hi, Sis :-)
    Kudos for getting it done square. Having tried and failed more than once, I bow to the ground. Think Seurat, maybe… for the frame’s next finish… when you get bored.
    You get bored? Hmm.

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