Flower bowl from dough bowl

Nearly 3 years ago I started on the refurbishment of an old dough bowl I bought at a bootfair.

I started off carving it out a bit

Then gave it a bit of paint

It’s a design I had wanted to make out of glass but I would have needed a lot of machinery and so, it didn’t happen.

It’s Ok in wood, and I’m glad to have finished off another of those “little projects” that can quickly fill a workshop..


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2 Responses to Flower bowl from dough bowl

  1. Maeve Eiren says:

    Hi-and-a-hug :-)
    You seem so-so about this bowl. It is fabulous and makes me think that you would do well at a juried high-end crafts show where items sell for gazillions… just sayin’

    Be well. Be happy.

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