Bye bye Facebook… it’s been mediocre.

Well, the FB police got me and told me I’d have to submit some proof of existence before I could continue to post/visit FB.

I did think about it for a while, but not long. That’s no reflection on my FB friends and acquaintances … more my reflection on FB and “social media” as a whole.

I have ‘left’ FB before in as much as it is possible to, but decided to use it for a while until I got stopped, and that was a few years ago. I think it’s taken them 3 or 4 years to catch up with me.

I considered making some ID but wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go down that route and I certainly am not ready to share my RL details with Mark and The Boys … I do have some desire for a bit of privacy. Added to this is the small pleasure I have in not supplying the advertisers with my RL as target.

I can’t really say that FB has enhanced my life at all. I’ve been amused by cats fighting crocs etc and I’ve ‘kept in touch’ with people I would otherwise not have done … but… I could not say that FB has been a rewarding experience in any way. I am happy to let it go as another virtual episode in the life of soror Nishi.

I actually prefer blogging, but FB has made me lazy.

Meanwhile, back on dry land, I’ve been sawing away like a little sawmill in my workshop. I’ve got a good deal of the timber cut, but more to go…. will post photos later when I have something to show.

Hugs to all



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2 Responses to Bye bye Facebook… it’s been mediocre.

  1. Mysteri says:

    I got hit with this same thing just RIGHT AFTER they started with this supposed new idea that they were not going to make those who use pseudonym as their ID’s (For instance, Trans-gendered, Entertainers, Authors etc) and ultimately they have done nothing but go against their policy that they supposedly adopted. I have to say I decided not to go down that route myself, and I do hope that those that supposedly reported me, will go down as well… As Karma, is a bit of a bitch.. but then, they can have their drama, and I will continue succeed with what I do.

    • soror says:

      Absolutely …. there’s no point going to war over shit like that … time will sort out the people who act in that way. I don’t think FB is a great loss … there is Ello after all if I’m in need of a bit of publicity. Mainly I think it’s a waste of time tho.

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