A simple thing

A small tray/ plate, just about a foot across, carved from a piece of tiger oak.

I saw a few online that were made by a a japanese guy for sushi and I liked the look of them, very basic. His were slightly more regular in shape.

…back to my oval mirror frame…




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4 Responses to A simple thing

  1. Miso Susanowa says:

    Lovely wood, lovely work!

  2. soror says:

    Thanks Miso, I’m currently slicing a piece of maple and, although it’s even and softer, I doubt I’ll find another piece as rich in texture as this oak. It’s been a great asset.

  3. marc says:

    *Mr Moonsoo waves*


  4. soror says:

    Hi Mr Moonsoo, hope you are well….. long time no see.

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