Daphne’s Demise, my latest tree.

It was Aliz that suggested the name, the Daphne part anyway. Apparently Daphne turned herself into a tree to escape Apollo’s advances. Bloody gods….always trying to shag someone or something…. :))

Anyway, the tree is on the beach, and this is not a very good photo because it looks like some strange orange smoke is coming out of the side, in fact there are particles in blue and green, which I didnt even attempt to photograph. You’ll just have to go check it out if you are interested.

Kirstenlee Cinquetti has a new shadow Viewer, if you have a PC….. (come on Boys….sort it out)…. and Vint Falken
has some good advice for those of you who wanna try it.

In other news…. well NPIRL has a more mature article on the Mature question….

My best friend in RL, a certain “Bill Ellis”, painter and musician, now living in Paris, has this to say about censors and gallery owners… “fuck ’em”….. which sounds like a more immature take on the question.

Said, however, with a small shrug of the shoulders, it’s really quite Adult.


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