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The worlds I live in are all quite interesting at the moment and there’s a few things going on that don’t really warrant separate posts so I thought I’d mash em up together…. In the real world, so called, the … Continue reading

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Why I’m hopeful….

There has been more than enough reason to get a bit down recently about the internet and the way Governments have been taken over by corporations. Whether or not this is actually any different to years gone by would be … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

I had a rather uncomfortable experience yesterday, I let someone down. The issue is the new user experience and the title taken from a comment by Yordie Sands on Botgirl’s post, a second posting on the issue mentioned above. It … Continue reading

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Avatar Culture…and identity.

Now, as with any Culture, avatar culture is marked by, amongst other attributes…. a shared language (e.g. prim, rezz, lag) and… … as Lalo Telling puts it….”One aspect of virtuality in general, and Second Life in particular, about which Dusan … Continue reading

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