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“State of the Art On-Line Functionality”… Google-proof.

Sorry, I had to use that title, it’s from a stupid advert … basically it means “this works”…. and I was thinking about this blog. Having moved from Google and had spyders and bots crawling through my every nook and … Continue reading

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Ode to Mesh… Fit the Fourth

Inspired by a recent post by Inara Pey concerning mesh which is imminently upon us… …and which we are told… “Uploaded objects may be destroyed or broken permanently, and may no longer work after the full mesh deploy in August. … Continue reading

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The Death of Mesh

This is a total reprinting of a poem by Lilleth Heart from the SL Forum which is probably against ToS as everything is, actually. I hope that Lilleth understands my reason for doing so is that it is so closely … Continue reading

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Prim Mesh Equivalence…. the cost of a mesh.

In a recent attempt to convey to those interested, Runitai Linden posted an explanation of how LL is trying to work out the cost of a mesh, or, in very simple terms, if you can rezz 15,000 prims on a … Continue reading

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Mesh and Cash

Well, we have now heard that mesh will start to be ‘rolled out’ on the SL grid from July/August. As the basic advice from top entrepreneurs is to get your product out into the market even before it works, we … Continue reading

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ScienceSim is another of those Boutique Grids which I mentioned in talking about Craft World. A possibility of offering space to a niche or specialised market where specific goals are placed to the fore of pure entertainment and tomfoolery. ..:)) … Continue reading

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More about Mesh.

Well, as you no doubt have seen or heard mesh has begun trials and I have been trying to find some more informative stuff on what it will actually mean to me, and you. I have read a lot of … Continue reading

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We deal with it.

There has been a fair amount of criticism levelled at the recent video on Mesh which was brought out with good intentions, no doubt. Both Dusan Writer and Phaylen Fairchild are very annoyed at the ‘mesh is coming…deal with it’ … Continue reading

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Mystified Musings on Madame Mesh.

This is Madam Mesh, she’s a part of the recent announcement of an announcement which the Lab has issued to take your minds off the fact that things are falling apart currently (see previous post). Now, as in 2008, when … Continue reading

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