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Alizarin camping and other stuff.

Last night saw the opening of Alizarin Goldflake‘s latest immersive piece….and we all went camping by the light of the fill moon. It’s here….and very much worth a visit. Aliz’s delicate handworked textures are always a pleasure and we sat … Continue reading

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Weekend … a Million L$ and other stuff

Well…lots of not-very-much been going on in my lives. RL has claimed more than it’s fair share with me having to look for a new hovel to rent at an outrageous price. Why are all landlords utter bastards? Anyway, Max … Continue reading

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Wednesday stuff

Sabrinaa has very kindly asked me to do a bit of background planting for her new show which opens on Sunday and is in the form of a sort of “No Texture Challenge”, it will be on Erato and a … Continue reading

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Busy day..

Firstly, White wanted to photo all the artists before Angelgate was dismantled so she has a record. I’m very keen on the documenting of stuff which comes and goes so quickly. This is a blue man who dropped in at … Continue reading

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Talk by Soror Nishi at LandExpo…

OK, so this is the chat log of my talk….slightly chaotic, but thats Slife…:)) [14:03] soror Nishi: Hi…:))[14:03] Nadir Taov: hello :)[14:03] Mellifera Szondi: hello![14:03] Betsy Linden: Hi Soror[14:03] soror Nishi: I’m soror and I am the next “turn”…:))[14:03] Kirstyn … Continue reading

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Land Expo 09

Well, I have a little plot, sqeezed in between a grey building, a grey garden and a grey Mall…. so..perfect backdrops to my little build…Its 750 prims, rather than the 1000 I was lead to believe, but I have some … Continue reading

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lots of stuff

Petlove Petshops flowering maypole at Raglan Shires Art Fair. I hate this screen when it gets stuck….lol….Friday wasn’t a good day….pizza in LL hard drive again Puma, (unnapuma Nakamori for short…:)) has put out some of her jewellery/accessories for sale … Continue reading

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Stuff, again

Well, when you have been getting a bit of grief it is even nicer than usual to get a gift from a stranger. Youki Cioc gave me this funny little elephant rucksac which I have been wearing like a comfort … Continue reading

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Alien plants

Yes, they have landed…:))

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House for sale

Well, I just sold my first house…(well, the Orchid House was my very first, but that wasnt public/mass housing like this one).. it is owned by Giancarla Loon, a lady of, obviously, good taste and style (it will be no … Continue reading

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