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Tree of Trees… last 24 hours

Last chance to see, or revisit.. I’ll be sad to see it go, but that’s the nature of VWs :((

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Neotoy Story films Tree of Trees.

Many thanks to NeoToy Story for taking the time to record, firstly, the early stages of my build at IBM C… above.. …and later an almost documentary style vid of the Tree or Trees in its final state. As things … Continue reading

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Born Again Pagans rock Tree of Trees

A great night with fireworks and cool tunes courtesy of Hexx and Madame. It was a nice mix of hardcore fans, friends and new people, the whole thing rocked. Excellent. :))

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Stuff from a long week.

Its been a long week, or so it seems, but things are starting to quieten down, I hope. I managed to use up all my prims at Burn 2.0 (detail above) and that’s well ahead of the opening date which … Continue reading

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Tree of Trees

We all know that the tree has been a meeting place, a landmark, shelter and a source of warmth (firewood) and food (fruit) for a very long time and, globally. It is no real surprise then to read…. “the commonest … Continue reading

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