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Well, if I could be bothered……this is what I’d email to the Linden Boys….. Dear Boys, Now, you knew htere were gonna be a few people turn up to see the burning, you been advertising it all week on my … Continue reading

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New Tree, the 24th Ancient

Well, its not quite finished but its nearly there…Thought I’d show you anyway…. Well, crashed twice last night within an hour, so the fix was obviously a normal one….hehehee…..Got lots of nice comments from people about my show at Burning … Continue reading

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Fixing the fix….

Well, last week we had a fix, then immediately a compulsory fix to fix the fix,…, we assume a fix to fix the fix fix…….. but who will fix the fixers…..??? Obviously the fixers cant fix the fixers fix, or … Continue reading

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Burning Life, (Diablo) 80,114,24, (got it right)

Well, the festival kicks off tomorrow, and I am ready, my site is pretty jammed full of my stuff Seems like the colours are working nicely together,… and I’m quite pleased with the results… If you get a chance to … Continue reading

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Burning Life, (Diablo) 80,114,24

Talk about art reflecting life……. First I find a great house in rl….. then, I entered a Lottery in SL for land parcels at Burning Life, (thx Roy for telling me about Burning Life) and I won. I got a … Continue reading

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Kaltusaran Moonsoo

Well, after being kept waiting for nearly a week, Kalt has at last learned that he has got 2nd Place in the flower competition.Now, no sour grapes here, the judges decision is always final, but I think they all need … Continue reading

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Oh no….

Well, just when I’m ready to get back online and find a good photo for this page…….. its all closed down for some prim fiddling, well, probably not prim-fiddling, that’s what I wanna do, for another “fix”…..hmmmm, not very impressed…..Previous … Continue reading

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I’m back

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Well, It’s a bit of a shock being im rl for 48 hours without so much as touching a prim, and I only managed to write this because of a friends puter, which I have managed to get my hands … Continue reading

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Bloody Hippies at 1-800-flowers

Well, its all very well and good, organising a competition to see who can make the best flowers in SL…..1-800-flowers……..btu when you put off announcing the winners….and dont tell anyone…….. are they all West Coast hippies…?????Not good enough …. Lax… … Continue reading

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