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Juria Yoshikawa

Well, this is Bean enjoying Jelly Flower by another talented artist, Juria Yoshikawa at Brooklyn is Watching….

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Strawberry Holiday… pure genius

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get the old 1.19.0. viewer here

use this link to get the old viewer….. lots of people swear by it….. hmmmmmm,…… well, things are going better since I downloaded the old viewer again….. but then I had to reboot, probably, partly, because of the violent … Continue reading

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soror nishi award

Now, I am not being really nasty, or anything like that, but this sign is likely to win the soror nishi award for stupidest sign in the English language….I think it is great what they are trying to do here, … Continue reading

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well, the Linden Boys have more issues than you can shake a stick at……… everyone is crashing and nothing is working……well, did my presentation at Orange, and things were going OK, except one by one my friends were disappearing offline….. … Continue reading

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Skirt bug…..

Well, SL never really ceases to amaze……… Yesterday I got a new outfit from Gilles DeCuir, a very talented designer, and was pleased as punch…. but……… the skirt did very strange things, and as I found out later, ALL my … Continue reading

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ColeMarie Soleil

Such an amazing photo, and i’m not just saying that cos its me….. just take a look at her other photos on Flickr at hmmm. never get that quite right, anyway, well worth a long look……..

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rich at last

wow, just got this email…. FROM PRINCE MOHAMMED I believe you are doing fine today. I am writing to inform you about the necessary arrangements I have made to safe keep our family funds. The fund is now with a … Continue reading

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new build on hold…… bugger

Well, the linden Boys have put the spanner in the works for my new build, with my current sponsor, jade, putting things on hold until the new pricing comes into force……oh well, just gotta be patient, but thats not my … Continue reading

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a date for your diary

well, if you aren’t doing anything better, pop along, I should be saying a few words about my creative activities, and then a DJ called Doubledown Tandino will be on the decks for a while so you can strut your … Continue reading

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