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Architecture in SL

As part of Orange’s “Architecture in Virtual Worlds” event, I will be hosting a talk on “Hand-made textures for Sculpties” Tuesday at 1:30 pm SLT at the Orange Auditorium, next to their headquarters, if you get lost I can send … Continue reading

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Alizarin Goldflake, a new piece.

Yes, another great piece by Aliz….lol….i could have sat here for hours. Of course the whole thing is moving and images are rezzing all the time……a photo doesnt do it justice. Its at Sunfire (226,168,23) or IM Aliz (or me) … Continue reading

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Primitive Flower

My first build in Openlife Grid…. :)) Its made of regular prims, sculpties still won’t pop…. patience, soror…….. :))

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Bots and a squirrel.

Well, its quite spookie to come across a bot farm, or whatever you call this sort of thing. Theres an article about bots in NWN today and apparently theres a lot more than you think….SL “growth” may be all down … Continue reading

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Soror’s vertical shop

Well, as I seem to be running out of space somewhat on the beach and the shop is quite full, I thought I would try a new style of shop and so I am arranging my new plants vertically. As … Continue reading

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Now spare a thought for the moggies… …”moggie” is an endearing term English people use for cats of dubious pedigree, the flotsam and jetsam in the great pool of genes… The moggies have had a bad time with this Financial … Continue reading

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Well, I have been wrong, not news, I know, no earth-shattering announcement. In particular, I was wrong about Rezzable who have proven themselves, and Rar in particular, to be a true patron of the arts. It is therefore, a sad … Continue reading

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omg ….. not another one, Boys, (cock up)

Botgirl has obviously got her eyes open…. here

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Misuse of the term misuse.

Well, of course I have to mention the U-turn, LL has agreed to moderate the price rises on Openspaces, announcement here The thing that is a bit annoying tho, is that they are still blaming residents. As far as I … Continue reading

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Openlife Grid, Sandbox Island 2.

Hey, well, I am IN !!!Openlife Grid… …excellentI hope to be building on Saturniacome see…..well, I wont start til Friday, i guess If you are having trouble getting connected to a region…. go to your Avatar Toolbox….ON THE WEBSITE….and change … Continue reading

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