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gjenter i bunad

There are dozens of different patterns of national costume (called “bunad”) in Norway and I managed to snap 4 versions at the dance after the 17 Mai procession on the second Norway dance floor. I was nostalgic after my little … Continue reading

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Fireworks, then 17 Mai in Second Norway

Went to see Jopsy Pendragon’s fireworks today. I spent a good half hour there with Wizzy just taking photos.. it was good fun. I got my Norwegian flag so plan to go celebrate 17.Mai in Norway later… will report back.. … Continue reading

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New Tree, The Wizardfuit Tree

Well, this is my latest one, the Wizardfruit Tree, and you can have a look here. Its more or less finished, I think, although fiddling may occur…:)) :))

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lots of stuff

Petlove Petshops flowering maypole at Raglan Shires Art Fair. I hate this screen when it gets stuck….lol….Friday wasn’t a good day….pizza in LL hard drive again Puma, (unnapuma Nakamori for short…:)) has put out some of her jewellery/accessories for sale … Continue reading

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The Art and craft…

Now its an interesting thing to do, making stuff, and as with all jobs or hobbies there are times when you take a good hard look at what you spend your time doing. The borderline between Art and craft is … Continue reading

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Sunday stuff

Pixi has built her shed in SL and i popped over to see her new bot-bellied stove… v cool. Like all these things, unless you are AM Radio, you have to stop somewhere on the detailing cos of the prim … Continue reading

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Second Life Healing and Alchemy

The fairly common image of the ailing King in folk tales and the “wounding” of mythology have their equivalent in Alchemy known as the Nigredo. The Nigredo descends into the Mortificatio, often pictured as the king being buried in a … Continue reading

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Well, just as there is written “Do Not Panic” on the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide, so these words should be engraved on your SL computer screen from time to time… Chill and Do Nothing. xxxx:)))

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Oh dear…

Ahhh…well… I hit the “stand up ” button and ended up levitating like in some strange hypnotists show… so…I relogged… and lost 5000 items from my invent… then I relogged again and seem to have a couple of hundred more … Continue reading

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Sunday, sunday

Yes, one of those very sunday-like sundays…. I went to the Show and Tell with the Builder’s Brewery folks, and showed them my Steam Funk Tree. There is a vote at the end and I won third prize….. I voted … Continue reading

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