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Mystified Musings on Madame Mesh.

This is Madam Mesh, she’s a part of the recent announcement of an announcement which the Lab has issued to take your minds off the fact that things are falling apart currently (see previous post). Now, as in 2008, when … Continue reading

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Textures won’t load?

If, like me, you have experienced a wobble in the Force recently with the basic functions of SL not functioning properly then you would be feeling exactly like Juanita in her recent post…. confused and frustrated. Now… I got this … Continue reading

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…no…not the name of a new viewer, I just thought it had been a while since I had written some tosh. Not wanting my poor reader to suffer withdrawal symptoms, I thought to rectify the deficit with the further ramblings … Continue reading

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soror Nishi’s Tree of Trees

soror Nishi’s Tree of Trees, originally uploaded by misssorornishi. Well, for those of you who haven’t flown through the particles, mushrooms and clouds….here’s a little taster… :)) Enjoy… a nice Sunday experience. ….here :))

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Opening night at IBM

Tasty Hax was the first to take the decks and spin a really great set. Laid back, sweet and tuneful there were people dancing all over the sim. …and the actually DJ desk she rezzed looked like it had been … Continue reading

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Magoo Soror dreaming

Magoo Soror dreaming, originally uploaded by kumi kuhr. Wow, I have only just discovered this piece of history. It’s from Magoo and the Temple of the Prim which I did last year. Kumi Kuhr is the photographer and I love … Continue reading

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IBM, homology and Goethe.

There’s a thing about nature that I have been trying to express these last three years that is intrinsic to the way nature works. Nature is economical. It takes matter and sculpts it in the most efficient manner to suit … Continue reading

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Tree of Trees

Well…just wanted to clarify…. …about Saturday 11th… and Tree of Trees at IBM.. Tasty Hax will be the first DJ to open at noon SLT …thanks to her for filling a gap while DoubleDown Tandino has a chance to get … Continue reading

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InWorldz welcomes big name stores.

Fanciful Muse is pissed off…just wait til she reads this. Fanciful Muse has decided what sort of an InWorldz she wants. It’s one of peace, love, harmony and dodgy freebies. She has decided that people who make money are the … Continue reading

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Tree of Trees

We all know that the tree has been a meeting place, a landmark, shelter and a source of warmth (firewood) and food (fruit) for a very long time and, globally. It is no real surprise then to read…. “the commonest … Continue reading

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