This page is still under construction but will eventually have a number of textures for free download with an implied permission to use on whatever grid you like.

Obviously if you find them useful and would like to contribute towards my volcano costs that would be appreciated.


I have done a series of 5 Workshops about textures … here.

Test Pattern is not by me, it’s Robin Sojourner that has made this available and I’ve used it a lot.

Very useful for complicated sculpts. Basically you upload it to the grid and texture the sculpt with it. Then, by seeing how it sits you can adjust the texture you are making in PS or Gimp so that it fits e.g. where should you paint the eyes on this fish…here.

This is a selection of textures for eyes.

…. they’re obviously not to everyone’s taste…but you can download the files and adjust the colour in your PS or Gimp. They work on all grids.


Eloh Eliot is the greatest resource for skin which she issues with full perms for all grids, and obviously she is the one the donate a little cash to if you like them. Her amazing selection is here.

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