Blender tutorials

I first issued some written instructions which start with downloading this file here..

…and follow either the written instructions here… if you like stuff written.. or..

Later, once I knew how to, I made the following machinima for use with Blender 2.4. The principles are exactly the same for 2.5 and 2.6 but the UI is different. So.. 2.5 is at the bottom of the page, scroll down. 2.6 will follow but really there is very little difference between 2.5 and 2.6 I think…. hopefully 2.6 is less buggy.

Part 2…

Part 3…

Then, as the new 2.5 Blender was released I updated the machinima. The upgrade is not so different that I felt it necessary to re-do everything.

Full post on the “9 minute mushroom” is here.

My advice for people starting Blender would be to try and make a ‘library’ of very simple shapes. If you have a triangle, and egg, a long cylinder, a sort of cube…..all these shapes can save you time in the future as all complicated shapes start off from something more basic. Having a number of different ‘starting points’ will save you loads of time in the future as you won’t have to start everything from a sphere.

I will do something on 2.6 soon.

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